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A core philosphy: Full Service

We truly are a full service company. One of the principle philosophies of how Marco works is that if we have our hand in something, we want it to work and run perfectly. You should accept no less. You pay someone to provide a service - it should be delivered as expected. No excuses, period.

So we don't say we do something, then expect you to make it work yourself. You have better things to do with your time. Running a business is hard enough without having to manage technology. So Marco takes 100% of the creative and technology workload off your shoulders. This means that we rely on ourselves, not you, to do things we are hired to do.

A tragic, but all too common story

Imagine hiring a so-called "expert" to design, produce and program a web project for you. There are a lot of moving parts to getting that done. Some vendors claim to be able to handle everything. There are few who actually can! But there can be nothing more frustrating than to find out that who was hired for the job ends up having to bring in other people to finish the job. Talk about a budget-kller! Or worse, because businesses don't usually budget for this unexpected and irresponsible ommission of skill, there would be times when you would be forced to roll up your sleeves, learn something new, and blindly try to get it done. Wow - that's a time killer!

Marco doesn't operate this way. We believe that someone who calls themselves an expert should be able to handle all aspects of project they have expertise in. And this is how it should be, right? Businesses should focus on their business: delivering products, providing services, seeking new clients, customers and opportunities. Businesses should not have to learn any technical skills to accomplish goals that they hire others to work towards.

Sound expensive? It isn't!
I bet you think we are going to propose to you a monster-sized budget. That is far from reality on all our projects. Truth is, we work on any budget. But we don't sacrifice our principle of serving our clients and their customers. It's a non-negotiable. So no matter the size of your project, you'll always get the full service you deserve.

Best of Breed. Oh yeah!

To pull this off, Marco has pulled together the Best of Breed set of technology solutions to satisfy all web and Internet projects. Here's a few things that we do:

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