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In order for your web site to appear, or your email to be delivered, lots of critical pieces must be in place. The very first one is your domain name. If this is not set up correctly, nothing else matters. And if errors are made, your web site and email can be down for days, maybe even weeks. Ouch.

But this doesn't happen with Marco's Full Service DNS. Marco handles all the changes directly in DNS servers. Our Full Service DNS doesn't allow for a company to manage their own DNS, however. This might not be good for "control freaks" out there. But with all due respect to them, DNS changes shouldn't be left to laymen.

Marco understands all the DNS changes you need and ensures the correct change are made, in the right way, at the right time. The best feature? All DNS changes are free of charge when you leverage Marco's Full Service DNS.

All Marco Full Service domain registrations require a minimum 1 year commitment.

What do you get with Full Service DNS?

  • Full Service - we handle all the tech heavy lifting.
  • 100% free DNS set up and configuration, including transfer activity!
  • Unlimited DNS updates
  • Free DNS technology upgrades
  • Private registration (no more spam from scammers)

For the geeks out there:

  • Our DNS uses Anycast technology
  • Adding DNS entries will be recognized on the Internet within a few minutes
  • Updates to DNS take place within a few hours (other guys take 24-48 hours)


Original TLDs (ie. .com, .org, .net, etc.)

$1.75 per domain per month - Full Service included!

New Generic TLDs (ie. .photographer, .expert)

$4 - $8 per domain per month - Full Service included!

New Premium TLDs (ie. .video, .energy)

$12+ per domain per month - Full Service included!

Qualify for a rebate?  

Transfer your existing domain to Marco and we will make a CASH rebate payable to you for the remaining, paid term with your current registrar. Your rebate amount is based on proof of payment and WHOIS data as reported by the official ICANN database.

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