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Definition time!

Measure: an amount or degree of something

Manage: to take care of and make decisions about

Improve: to advance or make progress in what is desirable

There's an old adage that goes "You can't improve what you don't measure." Not sure who said that, but it's 100% true. Things left to themselves often fall apart. Mismanagement always leads to a losing proposition. This is not what we strive for when we invest in digital marketing. What we strive for are improvements, higher results, a great return. To pull that off you need to monitor, measure and adjust.

Marco measures everything. Every Internet project, whether a web site, email marketing campaign or an information gathering data form, is measured. The data collected is extremely insightful and can always be used to make improvements. Marco excels in collecting, interpreting and making recommendations for your Internet presence.

What on earth can be measured?

A lot of web sites are built with a very specific goal. Remembering that makes the question easy to answer. But sometimes the complexity of a business and its products has experts scratching their head. Marco can help remove the cloud of confusion.

Pageviews, first-time visitors, mobile versus desktop visitors, location of visitors, etc. The list goes on and on - these areas can all be identified and measured. Most importantly, knowing how you perform across time - comparing this month to last month, for example - can help you make wise business decisions.

Marco also has experience creating, launching and managing online surveys directed at your customers, and potential customers. Surveys can help you evaluate product feasibility or even organize and communicate with customer advisory panels. Marco can help you reach your customers and measure their acceptance and excitement about your business and products.

Web Site Performance Isn't Complicated to Understand.

Analytics is simply a fancy word for the measurements of your web site's performance. Marco is adept at collecting, reviewing and creating strategy based on Analytics. Unashamedly, Google Analytics is the platform of choice that Marco uses to collect most of this data. But sometimes it feels as though you need a doctorate to navigate and understand that platform. Good news - we have developed a "layman's report" that translates this confusing data.

Show me the data!

Marco can provide you a report of how your web site or e-mail marketing effort is performing. Need to know how many visits a web page receives. Marco can tell you. Need to know which metro areas show the most interest a certain product? Marco can tell you. Need to know how many people have opened and responded to your email? Marco can tell you. Need to know how many people view a home page from a desktop browser or from an iPhone? Marco can tell you. And this is just a tip of the iceberg.

Okay - what's next?

It's one thing to have a report generated and dumped into your inbox. It's another thing to know what the information means. But the hard thing to do is take that information, interpret it and make changes that will improve performance. With every report, Marco can provide further advice that helps anyone understand how their web site is performing in context with their services, products and other business processes.

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